Chapter Five: George E. Boller & Dixie L. Boyer

Following the Flight of a Hawkeye.


George Edward Boller

May 11, 1921 – April 3, 1994

Dixie Lee Boyer

January 1, 1923 – December 31, 1990

You would think that writing this part of Our Boller Story would be the easiest, simply because most of the records are fairly recent and certainly my brother, Eric H. Boller and I have the best memories of our parents of anyone living in the Boller family today. Yet I find this chapter very hard to write simply because I don’t want to bore you with lots of stories, yet I want to give you enough information to allow you to walk away with a sense of knowing how special our parents were. So, here’s their story…the fifth generation of Bollers in America…George E. and Dixie (Boyer) Boller…

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