Our Iowa Heritage Index: 1800-1831.

As you can see, our growing website Our Iowa Heritage covers a lot of time (pre-1800 to the present) and a lot of people. We’ve written about famous people and the not-so-famous ones as well. Yet, despite a person’s prominence (or lack of it), everybody has a story. And as you read our posts, you’ll hopefully discover that everyone’s story is a good one. So, in order to better find these good stories and details surrounding them, we’ve added this INDEX of HISTORICAL ACCOUNTS to help you along the way. Enjoy your journey.

Our Iowa Heritage: An Introduction. We might suggest you start here! Here’s how & why I got started collecting stamps, coins, and other Iowa memorabilia.

The Louisiana Purchase 1803-1806. In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson made a purchase that changed the American story. Iowa was a small part of that big expanse of land west of the Mississippi River.

Dubuque & The West 1788-1838. Julien Dubuque set up camp on the Big River, making friendships with the Native Americans he found there. His lead mines led to big changes for this territory known as Iowa.

Zebulon Pike & His Dam’d Rascals. In August of 1805, Lieutenant Zeb Pike and his band of twenty men – his Dam’d Rascals – left St. Louis to explore the Upper Mississippi Valley. Along the way, he made peace with those Native Americans he met, charting out for future settlers, the rivers on which many Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin cities will be built.

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