Our Iowa Heritage Index: 1940-1949.

As you can see, our growing website Our Iowa Heritage covers a lot of time (pre-1800 to the present) and a lot of people. We’ve written about famous people and the not-so-famous ones as well. Yet, despite a person’s prominence (or lack of it), everybody has a story. And as you read our posts, you’ll hopefully discover that everyone’s story is a good one. So, in order to better find these good stories and details surrounding them, we’ve added this INDEX of HISTORICAL ACCOUNTS to help you along the way. Enjoy your journey.

Our Iowa Heritage: An Introduction. We might suggest you start here! Here’s how & why I got started collecting stamps, coins, and other Iowa memorabilia.

U.S.S. Iowa – The Navy’s Finest. In 1940, the world was headed for war. In preparation for the battles to come, the Navy ordered a new set of warships (BB-61) that would be the mother of all battleships. On August 24, 1942, the U.S.S. Iowa was commissioned, serving the country faithfully until 1990.

1946 – Iowa Celebrates 100 Years Of Statehood. World War II came to an end in 1945, and in 1946, Iowans celebrated the entire year, remembering the 100th anniversary of Iowa statehood in 1846.

SUI 1847-1947 Centennial. It’s time to celebrate! The State University of Iowa (SUI) is now 100 years old. One century in, but still only just begun.

William J. Petersen – Steamboat Bill. Raised on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi, this young man from Dubuque went on to become world-renowned as a history professor at SUI (1930-1968) and as the long-time supervisor for the State Historical Society of Iowa (1947-1972). Taking after Samuel Clemens, Petersen became famous because of his writings about life and steamboating on the Father of Waters.

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