Our Iowa Heritage: Iowa Celebrates: The 1950’s.

July 10, 1951. Marty Boller . . . reporting for duty.

(M-0065) July 1951 – Norman Rockwell’s artwork featured on the Saturday Evening Post of July 14, 1951 shows a concerned father explaining the ‘facts of life’ with his embarrassed son.

Let’s start with a few interesting collectibles from 1951…

(M-0023) A 1951 50-cent piece minted in Philadelphia.

(M-0025) A ticket stub and B/W pic from the 1951 Major League Baseball All-Star Game held in Detroit on July 10, 1951 (my birthday!)
(M-0024) No, when I was born in Mt. Pleasant (Henry County) in 1951, they didn’t issue me this Dog Tag, but I thought it was still a cool collectible to add to my collection. So, in memory of Buster, our Boston Terrier… this tag’s for you!

(M-0061) (M-0062) A 1951 Henry County License Plate  Yes, I collect license plates as well, so I have one for me, and one for Sandy (Indiana – 1950). (L-0079) Plus, here’s a cool Iowa Highway Map from 1951. Click here to see it in more detail.

(C-0146) Here’s a postal cover postmarked July. 10, 1951 My birthdate . . . on the USS Tanner!

Wayland, Iowa – my hometown from 1951-1957. (S-0038) Pre-cancelled stamp in Wayland, Iowa and (M-0109) 1952 Wayland phone book featuring the Bollers on page 3.

So, since this is my decade (1950’s)…let me also share a few postcards with some personal significance…

(P-0142) Henry County (Mt. Pleasant) Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital. Dedicated December 1921 and built in Saunders Grove, to allow room for future expansion. Yes, this is the place where my brother, Eric, and I were born (1946 & 1951).
(P-0143) Mt. Pleasant Elementary/Jr. High School.
By the time the Bollers lived in Mt. Pleasant (1957-1966), the old High School had become the Elementary & Junior High School, where the notorious “I got a B, but deserved an A” incident occurred with mom, my 7th- grade English teacher!
(P-0144)  Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church. The Presbyterian church was our home church when we lived in Mt. Pleasant (1957-1966). In late December, 1965 (just as my dad was starting his new job in Iowa City) our church caught fire & was totally destroyed. The only item untouched: a live, fully decorated Christmas tree standing next to the church’s altar! Amazing!
(P-0094) My home town: 1957 – 1966.
1957Oldthresherspin1 2
(M-0100) Click here to read more about the annual Midwest Old Threshers Reunion.

Now…for some random postcards and covers from the fabulous 1950’s…

(C-0147105th Anniversary of Iowa Statehood –  Postmarked on Iowa Statehood Day  Dec. 28, 1951 in Des Moines.
(P-0141)  “Greetings from Iowa” – Postmarked on August 22, 1951. This postcard featuring the 1-cent George Washington stamp from the 1938 Presidential Series has absolutely no postal significance other than it was postmarked on August 22, 1951. I was only a little over a month old (July 10, 1951) at the time!
(P-0146) University of Iowa – Old Capitol (called the Administration Building) – postcard is from 1951!
(P-0147) University of Iowa – Old Capitol, postmarked on June 9, 1951. (one month & one day before my birthday!)
(P-0145) University of Iowa – Natural Science Building (Macbride Hall).

(C-01481854 – 1954 Iowa State Fair  –  100th Anniversary  Postmarked August 24, 1954 in Fairfield, Iowa. Did you know the world-famous Iowa State Fair actually began in Fairfield?

Read more about The Iowa State Fair here.

(P-0204) 1951 Iowa State Fair. Hey! Speaking of the State Fair, here’s a postcard from the 1951 Fair – postmarked August 31…I was going on two months – probably didn’t make it there! Read more about The Iowa State Fair here.

1950’s Downtown Iowa City via the camera of Fred W. Kent.

Edward_Bartow  (C-0149A rare FDC from stamp collector Edward Bartow (1870 – 1958), who was an American chemist and an expert in the field of sanitary chemistry. His career extended from 1897 to 1958 and he is best known for his work in drinking water purification and wastewater treatment. He was well known as an educator (University of Iowa 1920-1940), and his many students went on to leadership positions in the fields of sanitary chemistry and engineering.

1951-UY13 PC Set
(P-0148) Message Reply Postal Card Set 1951- 2¢ George Washington/Martha Washington.  On January 1, 1952 postcard rates increased from 1-cent (penny postcards) to 2-cents. Here are two unique First Day Postal Card Sets issued on December 27, 1951. These card sets were used by businesses where the cover card was for mailing and the tear-off response card was pre-paid, which encouraged a customer to respond to the mailing.
1951-UY13 PC SetA

Iowa Celebrates: The 1950’s. How can any celebration of the 1950’s be complete without a tribute to the 1956 Hawkeyes. My dad saw his first Iowa football game when he was age 5 (1926 – in Old Iowa Field) and I saw my first Iowa football game when I was age 5 (1956 – Iowa Stadium). Iowa won the Big Ten title that year and won the 1957 Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

(M-0115) 1956 was one amazing year for Iowa Hawkeye fans!
57RoseBowl1 2
1957 Rose Bowl Parade – Pasadena, CA.
(M-0071) In the late 1950’s, the only record I owned was, of course, a Hawkeye Football LP called, Hooray for the Hawkeyes.
(L-0063) Here’s a 1959 Rose Bowl Game Program featuring Iowa vs. California. Of course, the Hawkeyes prevailed 38-12 in Pasadena!

(M-0066) Meredith Willson’s Iowa Fight Song debuted on radio on his NBC show, The Big Show, on December 31, 1950 with a 47-piece orchestra and sixteen singers. The song was introduced on campus on February 12, 1951 at the Iowa-Indiana basketball game. Meredith Willson guest-conducted the Hawkeye Marching Band at several Rose Bowl appearances (1957, 1959, and 1982). Click here to read more about The Hawkeye Marching Band.

(M-0048) (M-0046) (M-0047) And so, we end our journey through the 1950’s with these fun MJB Coffee and Boller Beverages collectibles! Love that name!

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